Understanding The Family Law Process

Margot Poepjes

Helping You Choose the Right Path

When it comes to family law matters in Canada, you have a variety of options you can take, each with their own process towards resolution. Knowing the right path to take can create a better situation and save you time, money, and wellbeing for your family.

Margot has experience in all avenues of family law and has decades of experience guiding clients through each of these processes. During your initial consultation, she will listen to your unique situation, and offer options on which path to go based on her expertise.

Collaborative practice is a great alternative for separating or divorcing couples to reach a positive resolution without the costs and time commitment of going to court. Margot is trained to create an open environment that encourages communication to find the best solutions for children and families. 

Margot is trained and certified in Collaborative family law and is a member of the Durham Region Collaborative Practice. Booking an appointment, she can provide a full breakdown of the process and how it can help you.

Settlements are the most traditional of the out-of-court options you have for family law. Both parties bring on a dedicated lawyer who negotiates on their behalf to reach a resolution that represents your goals.

This process differs from the collaborative process because if negotiations fall out, court litigation must begin. Margot has experience in both out of court settlements and representing clients in court if the trail reaches that point. She can be your representative and advisor through the settlement process.

Mediation and arbitration are processes that help resolve disputes by bringing on board a neutral third-party who helps guide the parties to negotiate a custom agreement. This third party cannot provide legal advice themselves, and each party is recommended to work with a lawyer before engaging in the process.

Margot is trained in mediation, and can provide insight and guidance through the process, making sure you understand your situation, and how to reach the best outcome for your family and children. 

While the previous options provide out-of-court settlements, in some situations court litigation needs to be done. This process hands the decision-making power over to the judge, providing the lowest amount of control over your family’s outcome.

Margot is experienced in assessing your situation and determining the best method through the litigation process. She can use her experience to help you through the court process including conferences, motions and trials. She also has experience at the Ontario Appeal Court.